Dear guests! We are happy to meet you in our hotel!

Hotel Policies have been developed on the base of Ukrainian current law to regulate relations between the Hotel and Guests in the field of rendering services of accommodation in Stella Residence Club Hotel.

Accommodation Policies:

  1. Check-in upon the presentation a passport or other identity document by the Guest.
  2. Payment for accommodation in the room is carried out before settling in the room.
  3. Rooms are available from 1400 local time on the day of arrival.
  4. Check-out from the room is carried out until 1100 hours local time.
  5. Rooms should be vacated by 1200 local time on the day of departure.
  6. The additional fee in amount of 50% of the accommodation price per night in case of the early setting from 6:00 till 13:00 and the late departure from 1200 till 1800.
  7. The accommodation of children under 3 years old is free of charge.
  8. Children under 16 years old can stay in the hotel only with the parents or adults who make payment for the child’s accommodation according to the hotel rates.
  9. Guest should leave the hotel room after the reserved term. Extension of stay in the room is subject to availability.
  10. Visitors can stay in the hotel room by Guest’s invitation from 800 till 2300. After 2300 visitor must leave or pay for the other hotel room or extra bed (if any).
  11. Hotel is not responsible for the loss of money, securities and other valuables of the Guest if they have not been accepted by the hotel staff for storage or have not been placed in the Guest individual in-room safes. We strongly recommend using indoor safes in the rooms.
  12. Guests are obliged to care about of the hotel property and equipment and take care not to mess. In case of loss or damage to property of hotel, the guest shall reimburse the cost of treble damages.

Guests staying in the hotel are prohibited:

  • to use electric heating appliances;
  • to leave unauthorized persons in the room and pass keys to such persons;
  • to store flammable materials and liquids, and cumbersome things in the hotel room;
  • to smoke in the rooms, the restaurant and other relaxation zones that are non-smoking areas;
  • to commit acts that violate the peace and quiet of other people staying in the hotel, especially at night from 2200 hours to 700 hours
  • to keep pets, birds and other fauna in the room.

The hotel guests are required :

  • to close water taps, switch off electric lighting and electrical appliances, TV, air-conditioner when leaving the room;
  • to make a full payment for all services rendered and to check a good condition of the room together with the representative of the hotel staff at the exit of the hotel.

Should a Guest breaks the Hotel Policies the management may evict the offenders or refuse the accommodation.

Guests can leave their feedback and comments at any time on reception. We are always ready to grant you any additional information.