Find out the next marathon date

The holidays are over, which means it’s time to get ready for spring.

Stella Residence offers an exclusive marathon by Tatiana Osadchuk on express weight loss “Get slimmer in 30 days”.

Each client will receive an individual training program and nutrition menu.

What is included in the program?

  • Training in our complex and SPA (pool, sauna, hammam).
  • Worthwhile counting on special analyzers for body stock, calculation of IMT (body mass index).
  • Rozrahunok KBZhV, rozpisanny menu of eating with the improvement of individual features and food.
  • Online support is the right one for home vikonannya. And also, recommendations for eating and training after the completion of the program.

The number of places in the group is limited!
In 30 days you will reduce weight from 2 to 10 kg without compromising health.

We do not sell a magic pill, but we give a real result!

  • SLIM with 3 visits per week (13 visits to the club in 30 days at any convenient time) + menu + SPA zone =4000 ₴
  • SUPER SLIM – 5 visits (21 visits) + menu + SPA area = 5000 ₴

The winner will receive a club card as a gift!

And also, for our clients who bought a subscription to the fitness room, even before buying a marathon – a 50% discount.

Hurry up to sign up! Call: +38 098 064 50 08; +38 050 505 46 46

Find out the next marathon date