PUMP IT is a barbell strength training aimed at working out all major muscle groups. Suitable for all skill levels. Duration – 55 minutes.

STATION POWER – circuit training using various equipment. Medium to high intensity work, alternating strength and cardio. Duration – 55 minutes.

BGL (Belly Glute Legs – abs, buttocks, legs) – strength training using various fitness equipment to train the cardiovascular system, legs, buttocks, abs, strengthen muscles, joints, ligaments, improve body constitution. Suitable for all skill levels. Duration – 55 minutes.

BPS (Belly Plan Stretching – press, flat stomach, stretching, relaxation) – training of abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility, plasticity, improving body constitution. (Belly Planе Stretching – press, flat stomach, stretching, relaxation). Suitable for all levels of fitness. Duration – 45 minutes.

TRX | RIP TRAINING – The TRX / RIP Training Loops are a versatile machine that allows you to perform functional body weight training for the whole body – safely and effectively. TRX loops allow you to perform hundreds of functional exercises to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. One of the important features of Rip Training is the ability to use an elastic load. Thus, we can develop both power and speed. TRX Workout | RIP Training will be interesting for both men and women. Duration – 50 minutes.

COCKTAIL POWER – interval training using various fitness equipment to train the cardiovascular system, strengthen muscles, joints, ligaments, improve body constitution. Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels of fitness. Duration – 55 minutes.

HIIT is a high-intensity interval training with alternating periods, i.e. short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. These short, intense workouts will improve glucose metabolism and fat burning. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Duration – 50-55 minutes

TABATA NEW – workouts according to the Tabata system are excellent at burning fat, and can really take your fitness classes to the next level. It is called the principle of interval loads, that is, a person performs physical exercises with maximum intensity for a certain period of time, then a short rest and again a repetition of a set of exercises. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Duration – 55 minutes.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING – the meaning of functional training is that a person works out the movements necessary for him in everyday life: learns to easily get up and sit down at a table or in a deep chair, skillfully jump over puddles, lift and hold a child in his arms – the list goes on and on. Duration – 55 minutes.

CYCLING & BPS – cardio training using exercise bikes and various fitness equipment. The effectiveness of the program lies in the combination of training the cardiovascular system, muscle strength and endurance, accelerating the processes of burning fat. For high and medium levels of preparedness. Duration – 45 minutes.

AERO SCULPT is a workout for those who have been leading an active sports lifestyle for a long time. The workout alternates between aerobic and strength training. It makes it possible to effectively train muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Medium to above average workload, some training required. Suitable for a high level of fitness. Duration – 50 – 55 minutes.

FRENCH GYMNASTICS – movements in gymnastics stretch the muscles, making them longer and giving the body a beautiful relief. Exercises allow, with minimal stress on the spine, to strengthen the muscle corset without building up the muscles. French gymnastics – strength training performed lying down

or sitting on the floor. It develops joint flexibility, ligament elasticity, strength and endurance. Suitable for all skill levels. Duration – 55 minutes.

HBS (Harmony Body Spirit – harmony of body and spirit) is a workout that includes elements of Thai Zi Chuan, Tsi Gong, yoga, Pilates, breathing techniques, relaxation and shavassana. Improves strength, flexibility, blood circulation, joint mobility, posture. Suitable for all skill levels. Duration – 55 minutes.

YOGA – specially designed Hatha Yoga complexes that normalize the psycho-emotional state in general, consisting of exercises that develop balance and concentration, increase strength and flexibility. Complexes of therapeutic exercises (asanas) and dynamic ligaments (vinyasas) leading to a state of health and harmony. Duration – 2 hours.

DAO-YIN (Chinese gymnastics) Tai Chi is a set of movements that contribute to overall health improvement, strengthening the body, prolonging youth. Suitable for all skill levels. Duration -1 hour 30 minutes.

PILATES – stabilization of the lumbar spine, strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, improving joint mobility, muscle strength, improving coordination of movements, physical and mental endurance. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Duration – 55 minutes.

BELLY FIT is one of the most powerful and mysterious dances of our time. They have a positive effect on the work of female internal organs, strengthens the muscles of the back, contributes to a harmonious change in figure, increases the elasticity of the abdominal muscles. Beauty in motion! He is both spiritual and sexy and has something magical about him! Duration – 55 minutes.


ZUMBA is a rhythmic medley of Latin American, Spanish, African dance melodies and movements, combined with aerobics. This program is a good cardio workout to help you lose weight, keep fit and shape your body. Due to the repeated repetition of the exercises, combined in a cheerful dance, the muscles are loaded, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are trained, the general level of the body’s endurance increases. Duration – 55min.

SALSA-TANGO is a Latin American dance originating from the island of fun and eternal happiness – Cuba. Salsa is a flirting dance, very useful for self-improvement, salsa perfectly develops creativity, teaches you to feel the rhythm, be flexible, plastic and move your hips. Tango is an Argentinean folk dance characterized by an energetic and precise rhythm, it is a show in which the steps, character and feelings are dictated by the music and the director. The tango “fantasy” is characterized by a virtuoso performance technique, spectacular movements and figures. Duration – 55 minutes.

In the fitness club Stella Residence Club, a complex of group programs for aqua-aerobic, martial arts and children’s group programs is presented.

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