SWIMMING KIDS gives a universal and the most complete training of the entire musculoskeletal system, gives a load for the development of all muscle groups. This is very important for a child’s growing body. The weight of the body in the water is much less, in connection with which the compression load on the spine and joints is completely removed. The spine and all limbs are stretched during swimming, which accelerates growth and strengthens muscles at the same time.

BOX KIDS – both boys and girls can do boxing, self-defense skills will not hurt anyone. Boxing classes teach children discipline, cultivate team spirit, the ability to strive for victory, but also calmly accept defeat as part of life. As a result of boxing, according to experienced coaches, children become more confident, resilient, less sick and communicate better not only with peers but also with adults.

ACROBATICS KIDS – exercises for strength, agility, jumping, balancing. A set of special physical exercises related to maintaining balance and rotating the body with support and without support. Jumps, wheels, gullies, bridges, birches and handstands, to develop flexibility, agility and coordination of movements.

PILATES KIDS – there is no competition in Pilates, but a strong balanced body and the ability to use it will improve results in any sport and avoid injuries, and the ability to concentrate and control their actions, instill self-confidence in the child and save the nervous system. growth, and the skill of building will not allow the development of imbalances due to one-sided sports or playing musical instruments.