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Gym and group fitness workouts are recommended to be complemented by pool swimming and aqua aerobics.

The Stella Residence Club pool is designed for professional swimming. There are two recreation areas on the territory of the pool, where you can order drinks and have a snack. With a pool length of 25 meters and a width of 7.5 meters, the maximum pool depth is 1.7 meters. There are 6 geysers in the pool, through which water flows upward with a strong pressure, dragging the swimmer along with it. Equipped with a waterfall, massage of which affects the body, giving vigor and energy for the whole day. The temperature regime is maintained at + 27C.

AQUA AEROBICS is one of the types of aerobics that takes place in the pool. This is an effective remedy for those who want to restore health, lose weight and keep themselves in good shape. Water aerobics is suitable for almost everyone, due to the absence of heavy loads.

Water aerobics is considered one of the most effective and safest ways to get in shape. It is a type of aerobics in which classes are carried out in water and combine physical activity on all the main muscle groups of a person. Water has a tonic effect on the nervous system, due to which water aerobics brings a feeling of vigor, relieves stress, increases energy, efficiency and mood, improves sleep.

Even people who cannot swim can practice aqua aerobics as the classes are held at a safe depth.


  • due to a decrease in body weight in water, the load on the body and joints is more gentle than in ordinary aerobics on land;
  • water aerobics classes not only do not injure the joints, but, on the contrary, increase their functionality, preventing a premature decrease in their flexibility;
  • the likelihood of getting injured is several times less than when playing other sports. Therefore, water aerobics classes are recommended for the elderly, as well as for people with diseases of the spine and joints.

When doing water aerobics, the instructor stands on the site in front of the pool, demonstrating various movements of the arms, legs and body, and people standing in the water repeat these exercises to rhythmic music.

Each lesson takes approximately 45-55 minutes. It starts with a warm-up, which includes slow cardio and muscle stretching to prepare the body for increased activity, and ends with a few calming exercises, called a “cool down”. It is estimated that a person burns about 500-700 calories in one session!

You can view the schedule of group water aerobics classes here.