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If you want to keep the percentage of body fat at a fairly low level, then regular training in group martial arts programs will come in handy. Martial arts are designed for real men, because speed, impact strength, endurance and coordination are not for the faint of heart.

However, fitness boxing is increasingly chosen not only by men, but also by fragile members of the weaker sex, as the whole body develops harmoniously here. During training, all muscle groups are involved, they receive the maximum load, because it is necessary to continuously perform offensive and defensive actions, feints and movements.

In the martial arts hall, our coaches will conduct classes with you on various systems of self-defense, help to develop coordination of movements, accuracy and strength of blows and work out their technique.


Kickboxing is sometimes understood as various striking martial arts, the rules of which allow punches and kicks with the use of boxing gloves.

Class duration – 60 minutes.


Medium-intensity training aimed at developing strength, endurance, coordination of movements. Practice of efficiency and accuracy of blows. Strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower extremities.

Duration – 60 minutes.


The lesson plan, depending on the level of training in different combinations includes:

  • warm-up and stretching before training;
  • shadow fight;
  • practice of blows with hands before a
  • mirror a knee and legs with an emphasis on a hand-rail (for beginners);
  • practice of blows and protection with the partner in pairs (alternation of blows on each other);
  • single work on bags, with resistances and burdens;
  • physical training (working with your own weight);
  • final hitch and stretching.

Duration – 60 minutes.

To sign up for personal training, you can sign up at the reception or by calling +380 (50) 505 46 46